Thursday, September 25, 2008

2008: The Kids' Schedule

The parents left the kids home when we went on vacation and Susan documented the kids schedule. I thought it was worth posting for fun.

Abby’s Schedule

6:15-6:30 Wake, Eat breakfast
7:00 Get dressed, Brush Teeth, backpack ready with water, lunch
7:35 Out Door to walk to school (just less than 1 mile) it’s very important that she is on time!

8:00 Arrive at School, put backpack in Locker; enter Classroom (no parents in classroom)
2:15 Pick up outside under the covered area, check her out with the teacher.

Monday: Take blanket to school (No toys), Wear Tennis shoes for Gym class
Tuesday/Thursday: Rides bus home, pick up at SE 9th/Spokane (Tina will also be there to get Katie.)
Wednesday: Wear tennis shoes for gym class
Thursday: Sharing day at school, she may take a small toy (must fit in backpack, remind her that she may have it during rest and sharing times ONLY!) Also, must return school library book by today.
Friday: Will bring home a new library book and her blanket

She has been pushing the limits with obeying lately; she gets 2 chances, then a time out. Please be firm with this so she doesn’t make backward progress.

After school every day, check her backpack for homework, she is to use pencil with the name practice, and not color in her name, but practice writing.

She can have a snack after school if she ate all of her lunch. Please check her lunchbox before giving her a snack. She can finish her lunch instead of a snack.

Pack her lunch everyday. She likes a half of a cheese and mayo sandwich, some fruit, carrots or cucumber or tomato, and a yogurt tube. May also pack a small container of nuts/raisins, and her water bottle. She can get milk at school.

Thursday: Soccer practice at 4:45 at Berkley Park (SE 39th and Bybee—S of Woodstock) (Her soccer gear and a map are in the Whole Foods bag in the toy room.)
Saturday: Soccer game, Berkley Park, 8:30 am, be there 10 minutes early.
**For practice and game, she must take her ball, shin guards, soccer shoes, and water. She should wear shorts and a t-shirt, with layers over if it’s cold. No uniform, they provide a penny for the game.

Please make sure she takes care of herself and her things: after school she is to put her lunchbox in the kitchen, put her shoes, coat, and pack away, etc. Same in the am, she needs to eat, brush teeth, hair, and get dressed. She needs to be ready when it is time to go, or she goes as she is (within reason!) If she wears her pj’s to school once, she will be more motivated to get moving in the am!

We only do a bath every other night, and they need to be in bed no later than 8:00pm. No stories if they aren’t ready for bed on time. Please limit stories to the time you have before 8 pm. We have been reading less at night and more during the day.

Amelia’s Schedule

**Make sure she goes potty before leaving the house, every time! She doesn’t like to use public toilets.
Monday 10 am: Story Time at the library. This is just a drop in time, it fills up, so is best to be there a few minutes early. Library opens at 10, usually lots of Mom’s/kids waiting outside!) This is optional, if you need something to occupy her.
Tuesday Sept. 30th 11:45-12:15:: First day of Ballet class, at the community center (SE 15th/Spokane) Ask in the office which room to go to. Take Robeez or ballet slippers, have her wear one of her leotards. (On the desk in their room)
Wednesdays 9:30 : Messy Art Class, (Tina will take her this week!)
Friday 10 am: Story Time at the library. This is just a drop in time, it fills up, so is best to be there a few minutes early. Library opens at 10, usually lots of Mom’s/kids waiting outside!) This is optional, if you need something to occupy her.

Weather permitting, she loves to play at the park, it’s a great way to spend a morning.

**She wakes up when we get Abby up, even when she ought to sleep later. Nap time is tricky, she would go down at 1:30, but needs to stay up until we pick Abby up. Abby likes to play with Katie after school, which is ok, but makes Amelia’s nap really late. It’s best if you get home by 3:30 and put Amelia down for a nap right away (potty first). Don’t let her sleep later than about 5 pm, or she won’t go to bed on time.

Remember that this will be the longest she has been away from us, but don’t let her get away with inappropriate behavior. She likes to do everything herself. One routine we have is that she closes the front door every time we come in. Encourage her to use words when she gets upset. She is also cutting 3 molars; there are teething tablets in the white cabinet in their bathroom. She can have 3 at a time. She knows where they are.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Abby's First Days of School


Abby started at Llewellyn School ( in September and was lucky to get Ms. Eunice Tursi as her teacher. She has been a classroom teacher for 25 years and it shows, in a good way! We chose Llewellyn because the school is well supported by the community and it is a public school that we are excited about supporting. Our neighbors encouraged us to request her as a teacher and we're glad we did.

We're having Abby go full days from 8 to 3 PM and we're paying for half of the day. Abby has made the transition into Llewellyn very easily.

Susan takes Abby to school by riding the Bakfiets which is fun for Amelia and Abby both. The only downside is that it doesn't give Abby exercise in the first part of the day to get her ready for school.
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At the end of the day the kids all line up so their parents can come pick them up. It's a great way to end the day.

Monday, September 1, 2008

080827 A Day at the Beach

We spent most of our third day at the beach playing near the campground. It was a nice beach complete with tidepools and we explored those for an hour looking at crabs of all sorts, mussels, sean anenomes, and small fish. We were very fortunate with the weather as it was sunny and breezy, but very nice throughout the day. The water was cold of course, but that didn't bother us much as we spent most of the time in the sand just enjoying the play time and not being in the car.
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