Tuesday, December 23, 2008

40-Year Snow Event

  We're in our tenth day of snow on the ground in what the Oregonian is calling one of the worst snowstorms in decades. Unfortunately, there is still several days to go before we warm up and get out of the winter wonderland.
  We have 13 inches on top of the car in the street and it is an ice sandwich with 6 inches and then another 6 on top of that. We haven't driven for a week and I am a bit worried about the car not starting.
  We went out after dinner and made snow chairs and Abby rode on Susan's snowboard. She was adventurous even wanting to stand up on the board and take a ride. I was surprised.
  Well, it is about to get dark, so we are heading back out to take advantage of the once in a lifetime event?
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Monday, December 15, 2008

Snow Storm in Portland


I remember getting a call from Susan while I was in Vancouver BC and chuckling that the news outlets were hyping a winter storm for the following week and this time it wasn't hype. We have a good three inches on the ground and took Amelia out to play. Abby was over in Bend for a birthday party for Grace, so it was just us three around the house.
Amelia enjoyed the snow overall, but we need to get her snow boots. After about 30 minutes, she starts complaining about her feet being cold. What a wimp!
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Sunday, December 7, 2008

O Christmas Tree 2008

  It wasn't all work this weekend. We took a quick trip towards Estacada, we stopped at Carver, to get a Christmas Tree. Abby mentioned she wanted a tree in a bucket, so we almost ended up with a living tree, which would have been my first choice.
  The farm we went to had a set price for a tree, so we ended up with an okay deal and a nice sized tree for the front room.
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Christmas Cards


We went through several iterations on our Christmas cards, but while having to work this weekend I was able to create this collage. Now back to work.
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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Christmas Lights

It was a cold morning to put up Christmas lights, but they have to go up sometime! Our obnoxious brightness has been around since we moved and is a fun tradition.
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Even Better than Santa... Benny Beaver

We ventured downtown for a visit to see Benny Beaver. It was fun to see Benny fresh after the Civil War loss. Benny needed some cheering up, considering that he is headed to El Paso instead of Pasadena and the Rose Bowl.  It is a busy day for us as we have the Kittelson Company Party tonight and Allegra is coming over to watch the girls.
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Visiting Santa Claus

We stopped by the OSU Alumni Association to visit Santa. It was a great visit and gave Abby a chance to get her list summarized.  She wants a tea set from New Seasons that is made up of Recycled Plastic. She also wants a front tooth.
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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Girls and Santa Claus

The girls went to visit Santa Claus at the Kittelson kids party. Abby gave Santa an earful of ideas for holiday shopping and Amelia was pretty simple... she wants a doll house.
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