Sunday, September 13, 2009

Tour De Lab

This is the ride that got Susan excited about road riding. She participated last year and the terrain was challenging for anyone that hadn't prepared with some training rides. This year, she was ready with her Trek Madone and the training we did for Tour de Blast. Still, it was a good ride with effectively three 400' climbs in the 30 miles of the route. We also added the trip from home to the Lucky Lab's NW pub on 19th/Quimby.
The tour visits all three of Lucky Lab's three locations, hopefully they get a fourth pub so they can make the ride a little longer next year. In this economy, it might take for a few more years.
The view from Council Crest was especially sweet, considering that was the top spot on the route and it was mostly downhill from here. The route took us down SW Vista, which was past the school I went to prior to middle school (Ainsworth).
We did the ride with Tina Farley, her friend Chris (pictured), and Chris' friend. The ride was well attended and the Lucky Labs were'nt meant to hold that many people at one time, but they did okay and we weren't there that long.  
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