Sunday, August 3, 2008

Cycling Races in Oregon

Having just watched the finish of the Tour de France a week ago, the thought of watching a bike race is interesting to me, so as I was surfing this morning I found a few of the races that I want to go watch in Oregon. The first is the Mt. Hood Cycling Classic and the second is the Elkhorn Classic in Baker City.

The Mt. Hood Cycling Classic is during the third week in May and seems like a fun one. They had their first stage in Portland this year and I did not go, but next year ;)

The Elk Horn Classic is in the third week of June. I have wanted to visit Baker City and stay in the Geyser Grand hotel (we almost did that last year), so this is on the list for things to do in the near future.

Finally, the Criterium Race on the Park Blocks is one we did visit last year, which was fun to see. It is in August and I am thinking about going to this again.

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