Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Koonces Visit Hamburg

We had visited Berlin in 2005 on our first trip to Europe and when we got there Peter Lubrich met us at the airport and took care of the cab and the translation. It was really nice to have a tour guide that came to help us out on our first day there, taking the train from Hamburg no less.   Well, this visit was a little closer to home for Peter, and we were lucky to have such a great friend in such a wonderful City. The City Hall building was beautiful and we enjoyed the square adjacent to it in the heart of the City. Peter works nearby so we took a nice tour of his office and the rest of the downtown.
We walked from City Hall to St. Michael's Church, which was a beautiful building with an outlook at the top of the steeple. We almost didn't make the trip up to the top, but we turned around because we thought it would offer a great view of the City, which didn't disappoint.   The views of the City were very nice.
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