Sunday, March 1, 2009

Award winning kids!

Abby and Amelia are art producing juggernauts. Amelia won 3rd place after placing 2nd place in the last competition. In this piece, you can see howo she is perfecting the up and down stroke with short bursts throughout the page. The texture of the crayon speaks to her inner child and screams, I am a two year old, hear me roar! She respects the lines of the flowers petals, but not those of the leaves and focuss on the activity above grade and leaves the foundation of the flower to the initial artist. She was experimenting with different colors throughout the piece and worked to bring the entire work together with the purple in the flower face and the sun smile.

Abigail previously won the age 3 years and under category at New Seasons and recently won a second time, with a glitter inspired springtime piece that suggests that there are clouds on our way to this sunny and blooming future we see as we look past February. The glitter surrounding the New Seasons Market was inspired by her father's encouragement.
Do we have to claim the $10 gift card on our taxes?
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