Thursday, July 2, 2009

Baltimore Aquarium

If you visit Baltimore with kids, it is nearly a requirement to visit the Aquarium in downtown. Although in 2006 it won a Best of Baltimore award for "Best Overpriced Destination for Families" from Baltimore's City Paper. The aquarium has an annual attendance of 1.6 million to see its collection of 16,500 specimens of 560 different species. Particular attractions include the dolphin display, rooftop rainforest, and central ray pool, and multiple-story shark tank. The National Aquarium in Baltimore is only 15% as large as the Georgia Aquarium and just slightly bigger than the Tennessee Aquarium, which we visited a couple of years ago in Chatanooga with the Urbaniks.

The kids got a kick out of the dolphin show and enjoyed being splashed as a part of it.

The jellyfish were a hit with the kids and the Australia exhibit was very nice. This was a nice first day introduction to the vacation as it allowed the kids to ease into the time change very nicely.

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