Monday, September 27, 2010

From City Hall to Tokyo

I am off tomorrow to Tokyo. I found myself in City Hall today talking to traffic engineers and policy makers from Houston, Seattle, Minneapolis, and Chicago about creating a bicycle infrastructure that attracts the next segment of population of cyclists. I found this old photo of me taken by Jonathon Maus of standing outside City Hall contemplating the future of people on bicycles and my career in making our transportation system more sustainable. My carfree conference shirt was as close as I get to being a radical.
So today, City Hall, tomorrow Tokyo! It came as a shock as I was reviewing my ticket that my flight there is 11 hours, but I lose 16 and on the way back I leave on Tuesday at 3:30 PM and get back at 8:15 AM the same day! I had to go check the Delta website to verify. I consider myself pretty good at math, but that logic defied my brain at this stage of the night. I am really looking forward to the trip as a way to learn about Japanese culture and experience a City on the world's scale. Much like NYC, Mexico City, London, and Paris... Tokyo is one of those that I think you can consider yourself worldly if you've been to a few of these. More posts from the land of the rising sun.
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