Saturday, October 2, 2010

Tokyo Chains at Rippongi

The Japanese are a fun and interesting bunch. There are several english translations that come across as very corny and I am sure that we have the same issue. This sign in particular is for the market called "Every Life, Every Fun". The quote below: " We hope that the goods and services will make your day a better and a brighter one."
How very nice.
The Rippongi Hills area was always a little seedy (as the guidebook describes it), but I didn't really see that when I was there on Friday night.
There is something that seems consistent with the culture when the lights of the neon are near the street like on this one.
The major skyscrapers don't have this same sort of feel. I haven't been in a car much so I am somewhat curious how the access to the skyscrapers is arranged, throughout the smaller collection of buildings and more human scale neighborhoods there are several parking structures that offer robotic parking that rotate your car and automate the parking process, taking the car into the structure and organizing based on how long you're going to be away.
The streets near Rippongi Hills have been remade and seem to be a very unique mix of pedestrian focused smaller streets that orient you towards the major skyscraper that is the center of this new district.
The other store that I enjoyed in addition to the classic high end stores that I walked by Tiffany, Armani, etc. was Double Standard Clothing. I am assuming they are suggesting that they have a higher standard, but that doesn't come across. My initial thought was these are clothes that are eco friendly but then are made of materials that are horrible for the environment and borne of sweatshops. Posted by Picasa

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