Sunday, November 21, 2010

Snowmageddon 2010?

It's the week of Thanksgiving and we're getting ready for a Portland snow storm. I characterize it as a Portland storm because we're not anything like the east coast cities where you get a foot or two and then the City is a winter wonderland and there are enough snow plows that go about their business.
The City is rapidly preparing and I am on the Incident Command System for the City.

The Mayor has had two press conferences and is getting the word out to the public. Clearly, we're talking about it at the City and getting staff aware of the potential situation. We'll see how it unfolds. We may not have all of the facilities to deal with a major arctic blast like two years ago, but if we can do the best with what we have, I would hope that would be good enough with the citizens of our fair City.
You have to wonder if the expectations are high for such an event?  Last year we had a sneaky snow event after Christmas that resulted in a bad evening commute. It is just one day and how much do you invest in equipment when it's just one day. Well, with global warming (weirding) maybe you have to use the old Boy Scout motto: Be Prepared!

The kids are very excited about the potential for the weather.
Abby says: "I really really like it because it is very cold and we get to be very warm. It's fun to slip and slide on the ice. Two years ago, I found an ice chair in our yard."
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