Friday, January 18, 2013

Martin Luther King Jr Week Homework Assignments

In honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday and his I had a Dream speech, Amelia's Teacher asked her to list dream for her family - I was hoping for something brilliant and of course, she wants dragons to come alive! For the world, she dreams for "No polluting on Earth". She had a nice picture of herself. 

Amelia is doing well in school and in violin. She's doing the advanced words for the spelling tests and last week got individual and species correct. This week, the challenge word is probably measurement and healthy. 

Abby had to tell a story about a dream that she had for making the world a better place.

I'm telling you about my dream for the world. I would like to have stricter laws about hunting endangered species. I think this because in a million years we might be the only animal on the planet. I also think that trophy hunting should be illegal. Those are some of the ideas I had for making the world a better place!

in talking to her more about the topic (sometimes that's the easiest way to get anything out of her), she mentioned that the hunting she was thinking about was for the Chinese Tiger, especially. Going online to Wikipedia we found information about the South China Tiger which is dubbed Critically endangered. She says she  learned about the tigers in the Zoobooks magazine. She says that they are targeted because they are huge, elegant, beautiful creatures. The tigers are also just decimated by the lack of room, they have been impacted by losing habitat. She mentioned Quetzals as another animal that she was thinking about when she wrote her story as well. 

Okay, off to math, we're learning fractions and how to give an amount of cat food based on the weight of a cat. Fun Stuff!

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