Sunday, April 7, 2013

Abby's 4th Grade Homework Assignment - Presentation Explaining a Topic

Abby picked Playmobil as her assignment for what to describe to a group of five classmates.
Here's what she came up with. She typed the first part and I helped her upload the photos and take some of them.
My Subject is Playmobil
I selected this because it is my favorite toy brand and I like animals.

I brought several animals today. The animals are:
A leopard and her kittens
Young giraffe

I need four volunteers to help me with the habitat design. WAIT FOR ANSWER

Each of you will get an animal and you are supposed to try to find out where it lives. If you need help ask me.

Before I give out your animals, I am going to use the meerkat as an example.

Meerkats live in the desert and so I have cut out a space for them on the yellow paper and drawn a hole that is its home.I can add some green plants using the pencils and markers that you have here. I have also drawn a frog because they eat them.

A good animal habitat requires lots of space, food from plants and other animals, water, and places to hide (different types of homes). We have paper for cutting out

mud wallows
pond or rivers

The steps for designing habitat are the following:
1. draw the outline of what you are going to cut (you might want to know how big the animal is - see above)
2. cut it out
3. place it in your square
4. ask for the next piece of paper
5. repeat until done

We're not using glue because if you want you can take your land pieces home to play with, or you can leave them with me.

Pulling the habitat together, we're going to place the land around the hut. You can see from the picture that we had someone do a grassy (green) one, a mostly water (blue) one, and the black is the hut footprint and my meerkat desert is the yellow portion (not a square).

Another part of the presentation is putting the hut together and the other pieces.

Two of you will build the cage and two of you will build the hut with me and the land terrain and I will need one person to help with the station. The other two will build the landscape
how to build the Oambati station, which is the main piece of the setup.
1. put the walls together

2. snap the walls in place on the platform
3. place the roof on the top of the walls

The cage gets put together with the following steps.
1. Cage wiring goes inside the silver frame
2. Snap the back to the side pieces.
3. The front frame which is about the same size as the back snaps onto the wall side pieces
4. two columns go on the back to complete the shelf
5. the final step is to snap the gates into the front of the frame. The one without the lock goes on the right side (it is a little tricky, but it should swing out).

The Habitat
1. The tree limbs need leaves and those snap on top.
2. The plants can go in the holes any where they fit.
3. This is the easiest of the sets to put together.

The Animals
I am going to tell you where the animals go. This is where I use my imagination and what I have learned about animals from books and watching a movie called Life, which is about animals and plants and how they live.
the cats can go in the cave or in the cage because the leopard just had cubs,
the zebra and the giraffe can go on the plants (because that is their habitat), and
the monkey can be in the tree.
The human can stand in front of the hut.


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