Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Forest Park Hike to end 2013 - Lower Maclaey to Audobon Society

 We took a quick 2 hour hike into Forest Park. The trip was about 3.5 miles and started at NW 31st & Thurman just above MacLeay Park. The hike took us up from the neighborhood into the Park through the Holman Trail and then onto the Wildwood Trail.

The GPS tracks of the trip are included here: 

The kids kept each other motivated and they really enjoyed stopping at the Stone House which was about half way through the hike.

The trail follows Balch Creek for awhile and offers some great views with trees down across the valley. The trail raises up out of the base of the floor to the top where the Audobon Society. The sanctuary at the Audobon Society has 4.5 miles of trails within their area of 150 acres south of NW Cornell Road.

The Audobon Society had a couple of kestrels in cages at their Wildlife Care Center facility.

The Portland Audobon Society has a great Guide for the plants that are throughout the area
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