Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Year's Day 2007

Sitting at home with the kids. It is a cold crisp day outside and dry, which appears to be a rare thing for this week. Susan felt like a little headache was coming on, so she is up in bed. The kids are eating a little snack and enjoying coloring and snacking in the New Year. Sheila just called and they are on their way back home from the beach after celebrating their anniversary. A rare day off for me and I am enjoying the holiday a little by reviewing the ITE Traffic Signal Operations Specialists Certification Program Refresher Course.

Susan and I called it a night shortly before midnight. There were fireworks from downtown? last night or some of the neighborhood folks that hept us past 12.

We were going to participate in the Bike Gallery New Year's Day ride, but with Susan not fully up to speed and us recovering from being sick and my taking antibiotics, well I guess we can wait to try out the new bike windscreen we got for Mia.

It is great to watch Amelia emulate Abby in many ways. Abby knows it now and starts to do things like kick the table and then Amelia is Monkey See Monkey do, which can be very good and also a bit challenging. I am listening to some of the best songs of 2007 from NPR. Well, the early football Bowl games are nearing completion, so I had better go check to find out if I am still leading the Pool.

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