Saturday, April 12, 2008

Amelia's Birthday

 Amelia enjoyed everything lady bugs and Nana made two wonderful dresses that included lady bugs! Amelia had to put them on as soon as she could. She wouldn't wait and was very persistent, so since it was her birthday we felt inclined to oblige.
  One of Mia's favorite people in the whole world is Emma. She enjoys the special times she has had with Emma while Mommy is out shopping at Trader Joe's. I think she likes showing Jack how to do things since she is just a touch older and she knows that Emma is Jack's Mommy.
Abby lead the kids in finding animals in a block of ice that Susan made. All of the kids enjoyed the various activities that Susan had planned for them including the frozen animals in various layers of a yogurt container that were attacked with water that would help the ice melt. It took awhile for them to decide that enough was enough and that they could do a quicker job by taking the ice out and smashing it on the patio.
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Amelia's cake was a work of art and it tasted great too. Nana always makes such creative cakes, we're pretty lucky to have such an artist to construct whatever the girls ask for. Abby asked for a Dragon, so that should be interesting. So much for those standard old cakes that you can buy a form for!

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