Sunday, May 4, 2008

080503 New York Trip - Look no Bikes!

 We visited New York City with friends Kevin and Heather. They were great travelling companions, it seemed they got tired as we got tired and they did not want to stay out all night either. I wasn't sure if us older folks could keep up with the newlyweds, but we did quite well. We did a lot of walking throughout the few days including walking from around City Hall in Manhattan across the Brooklyn Bridge over to Grimaldi's pizza. There was a 35-minute wait for pizza. The pizza pies were good, but not that good. Brooklyn's downtown was a little sleepy on Saturday, I guess sort of like the financial district across the river on the weekends.
  Walking across the Brooklyn Bridge, we had a nice stop for photo opportunities and Kevin kept clicking with his camera. All told, I think I got about half as many photos as he did, he had a lot of fun and I look forward to getting his pictures.
Susan arrived late (originally at 3:45), so getting into downtown was a little tricky with all the commute traffic, but it worked out okay. We raced over to the Frank Lloyd Wright–designed Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum for the pay-what-you-wish Friday. We got there at 7 after taking a cab through central park, which only allowed us about 30 minutes. Luckily that was all we needed as the exhibit was a bit odd and while it was good, I am glad we didn't pay the full pice admission of $18.

On Saturday - we went down to get our bikes and then we biked up the Hudson River waterfront path which was great. We then took the subway so we could walk through Chinatown and over to the Brooklyn Bridge and the South Street Seaport which encompasses a cobblestoned historic district.

After lunch we made our way to the the Brooklyn Museum of Art which was free 5–11pm the first Saturday of every month.


Eat somewhere for brunch (we found a good place that's open on Monday near the bike shop, so we biked down to return the bikes and then ate a breakfast).

We tried to stop by the Empire State Building, but the line was longer than we wanted to wait, so we ended up walking through Central Park back to the hotel so we could take the Subway up to Penn Station for Train to Newark Airport.

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