Sunday, August 15, 2010

Pickathon 2010

A friend suggested we join their family in heading out to Pickathon, a folk music festival out in the "country", southeast of Portland. The festival was held on the 80 acre Pendarvis Farm, which was a nice venue for a concert.
The bands were undiscovered (not sure that's the right term, but for an old guy like me, I guess that will do) and mostly very good and the festival has grown because of the quality of the acts. It is also growing because it seems to distinguish itself in being very environmentally friendly. This year's innovation was using Stainless Steel pint glasses as opposed to plastic cups for beer and water. The festival claimed to eliminate all plastic cups and water bottles for the four day affair. Based on our three days, it seemed that they were successful and it also was a nice marketing piece for Kleen Kanteen, since folks were constantly reminded how they were the partner in bringing the festival to us.
One of the fun things of the camping was that we didn't cook. Instead of schlepping food in and cleaning (wasting valuable time where fun could be had), we ate at the food carts which were similarly envrionmentally friendly and very good food. The vendors included some local organic farms, which overed very tasty eats. Food carts are amazing and they continue to grow in popularity out in P town.
I had to chuckle several times at the hippy culture that surrounded the festival. It was definitely good for the kids to experience the music festival and we were surprised how many kid friendly events they had, which included everything from the Cardboard Songsters doing their take on Saturday morning cartoons to Cascadia Circus doing shows and teaching the kids skills. Great stuff!
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