Sunday, July 3, 2011

Touring Delft

Delft is a beautiful city. A relatively small town that has a huge center to the city that anyone who visits Delft has seen. It is clearly the arrived moment in Delft.
We cruised through the City and had a great time exploring the town, although we didn't do anything touristy. Sunday is a little bit slower day in Delft because many of the shops are family run and they are closed for the day. The souvenir shops were open and so we previewed what we might get for friends at home.
The bikes were fun to ride through the City. Abby commented that people here didn't seem to mind being in her way and she felt they were rude as she was biking through the pedestrian area. To her credit, the signs are all new and the language on them are Dutch.

We made a stop for the obligatory photo opportunity in the wooden dutch shoe in the Markt Square. Abby didn't want to share the shoe with Amelia, but we got them to cooperate after a brief negotiation.

It was a beautiful day, a little cold in the shade or when the wind picked up, but we were clearly enjoying July in Holland. It was a little cooler than home, which was nice considering that we wanted to be active and spend time outside most of the day.

We ended our trip to town with some grocery shopping at the C1000. The complete opposite of the Market experience and one that we're not interested in repeating. It reminded me of Winco Foods with value shopping and a hectic checkout line. Hopefully, we bought enough for a few days.

On our way home we ended going back a different way through the OostPortBurg or East Gate.
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