Sunday, July 3, 2011

Bike Snob Euro All Terrain Kid Cruiser

.I recently finished reading Bike Snob and of course as with most folks that have a book, they also have a blog. Bike Snob's is here. If you a) have too much time on your hands and b) are fascinated by bicycles, than check it out. If you can't say yes to both of these questions, don't. Regardless of that, we came across this at the Delftse Hout camping area and I had to post something about it. This was originally a mountain bike. I am assumign that because of the full suspension and nobby tires. The person that owned the bike probably got too old and just needed mroe transportation than shredding down a mountain, so added the cruiser handlebars. The last fun addition was the Trail Gator for pulling the kid behind, which adds another level to this transition bike that just addes to its uniqueness. That and the turquoise tires which scream for attention.
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