Sunday, September 16, 2012

Abby's First Week of 4th Grade

By Abby Koonce

I was nervous about the first day of school because I didn't know my teachers very well.
I'm excited about Break and reading.
We have library and computer at the same time. We have Number Corner too, which is math and calendar.
What I am looking forward to...
Reading and computer are my favorites. There are also games that we play that help us get our wiggles out.
4th Grade is cool because my teachers are awesome.

by Peter Koonce
Curriculum Night at the School is this week and I am looking forward to going to Abby's classroom to learn a little about how the teachers will work together throughout the year. I am interested in how two teachers can Team teach effectively. I am sure it can happen and it may even be the best potential situation because the teachers remain fresh throughout the week by not having an entire "full time job" in the classroom. I know when I was working in consulting and I was doing the same thing for 40 hours straight (writing a proposal, or proofreading a large report), I was never as effective as if I had a half day's worth of writing and a half day's worth of meetings.

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