Thursday, September 13, 2012

Cycle Oregon Journal Day 1

First day of Cycle Oregon and just 490 miles to go! This would start us off with theaverage amount it took to get around the loop! Yet as anyone who rides knows, it is not always how far but also how much climbing there is.

It was a day that was a warm up for the challenges ahead.  70 miles and a bit further tomorrow but less climbing,  so not a day that I had concerns about.

The weather today was great, almost cold enough for arm warmers,  but not bad after a cold morning where I thought it would be good to get the legs covered.

Last night, Cycle Oregon had a tribute to the 9 that have been on every single day through these many years. Our tent is actually next to one woman who was honored and it is a nice recognition of the group and the commitment that takes.

The cycling community is a nice one, it has been fun to see so many people that we know.  Susan's involvement in Sorella Forte means that there are usually people who know her, that I would not otherwise have any connection to.

We remarked throughout the day how this was a great way to celebrate our anniversary.  I wondered whether we could do this again on the 50th running of the event. It could be tough to top this route, but I am not speaking from a position of authority on this topic, having reserved most of our riding to the Portland metro area.

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