Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Planning for Summer Fun

Amelia said this morning: I am going to get my blue bag, I will be right back.
She is really putting some great words together into sentences.

Abby was at grandma and grandpa's this weekend and had a good time.

We did the math and figured out that we need one more week in the summer to fit everything in. So we're going to Bend on the week of July 21st and missing out on a preschool class with the neighbor kids Katie and Dorie. We're on the waitlist for the Pirates class... Arrrrrgh!

We did register for the summer preschool at the Community Center during the week of 7/28 and 8/11 and in swimming lessons at 1220 pm during the 2nd and 4th sessions. On the last week in August we're headed down to Reedsport to go see the Wildlife Safari in Winston and Coos Bay. I have never been down there. I was sort of hoping to hit Baker City, maybe Susan and I will do that ourselves...

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