Saturday, April 12, 2008

Amelia gets her Cake and eats it too!

  We celebrated a belated birthday because many of us were sick on the actual day. It turned out to be a stroke of luck when the following weekend we had one of the nicest days weatherwise that we've had in 2008! It was very pleasant and the party turned outside to the backyard to a messy patio that hasn't really seen much devoted care.
  Amelia loved her cake and did a fine job of jumping right into it as you can see. She even reached for the remainder of the cake as Susan was cutting it. She got a lot of lady bug themed gifts and Debra went a little crazy getting the girls these great wood toys that flapped their wings. The kids really enjoyed those.

In the background, Dakota plays badmitton with the older boys that were there, including Grandpa Koonce who is always game to play with kids of all ages.
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Nana and Grandma Chris enjoyed the day, Nana was happy to have such a successful cake (as always).

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