Saturday, January 24, 2009

Annija's Birthday Party at the Circuit Bouldering Gym

Abby was amazed at how much climbing she could do at the Bouldering Gym. I was amazed at the pictures and that she was trying to walk on a tight rope! Soccer showed us she isn't the most athletic child in her class, but it could partly be lack of exposure and she really loved this.
She came home and proclaimed that she wants her birthday party there, so it looks like a return visit is in the works. We're going to have to start developing the guest list now.
From Left to Right: Maggie, Maddie, Annija, Katie, Vivian, and Brynna. Abby is right underneat the camera. Today is a day full of birthday parties, and now we're off to go to a Kishpaugh party out in Gresham!
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