Saturday, January 24, 2009

Llewellyn Family Fun Night

We had an exciting night at the Llewellyn Elementary School Family Fun night. The PTA hosted a juggler from OMSI that taught kids about physics. He was very creative in how he was got the kids involved, getting them to repeat words like inertia, mass, gyroscopic rotation, friction, and several others to him. It is great that the PTA puts on such varied material.
After the juggling act, we toured the exhibits that OMSI had in the gymnasium. The one that was a big hit was the animals on display and they had a white bearded dragon that both girls got to touch. The bearded dragon was very calm and that was good on a night where there were a hundred or so elementary school students running around.
I was observing last night that I hadn't posted much about bikes on the family blog, so I thought it might be fun to get a picture of the girls on the way back from the big event in the bakfiet. It was a cold night, but at least the wind we had been having has subsided and so it wasn't as bitter as it had been when biking. 2009 is getting off to a pretty good start.
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