Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Bike Commute to Abby's School on Sellwood Boulevard

I couldn't believe it on Monday as I was taking Abby to school in the morning, I was being screamed at on Sellwood Boulevard while biking side by side with her. The person in the car was yelling to get out of her way and to "teach my kid to do something productive" and to "get out of the lane" (there's no lane "there" to go into).

I am not sure what my point is other than to share with you that this is part of the reality of what cyclists have to deal with. I had another experience on SE Stark Street awhile back where a person in their car honked and sped by Abby and I (while she was on the tag along) when we were going the speed limit (downhill)!

If it weren't for the politics being in the right place while I work for the City, I wouldn't be fortunate enough to work on making our bicycle infrastructure better every day. Some of my staff have suggested that we are discriminating against modes other than bicycles. To that I counter that there are so many facilities that are the reverse, that we need to work toward balancing the infrastructure.

I am hopeful to make all of the members of our community enticed to try to put themselves on a bike to experience life on two wheels.

With that being the goal, I would hope to have fewer experiences like the one we did this morning.

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