Thursday, June 24, 2010

Copenhagen Day 1

Arrived in Copenhagen and found that my luggage had not arrived with me. Not a great start to the trip, but alas, it had to happen sometime, and it has been a long time since that happened to me on a trip (yet I don't often check bags.... is that why?)
Not soon after getting to the apartment I was staying, I got on a bike. I was really lucky to have Paul to show me around, it is always great to let a local do the navigating. After a nice bike trip around, we headed to the canals for a tour by boat. The canals remind me of Amsterdam, yet there are fewer and the ones that we were on seem like major facilities as opposed to neighborhood inlets that are only used by pleasure craft. It's one of those skills that would be fun to have, but then again I am not sure when I would need it unless the water was more accessible (financially and time wise). Being from River City, I can't say I am geographically far away, but it is another hobby one would have to make time for.
We were fortunate to have good assistance from an experienced sailor, as Geska's son was lending us a hand in getting the boat ready. It was a good thing too because I am not a nautical person.
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