Thursday, June 24, 2010

Copenhagen Day 2

Carlsberg Brewery, Velo-City Global Conference Bike Parade, and watching Danes with the Danes in World Cup Soccer. What a day!  
The Carlsberg Brewery was a good tour, especially considering the two freshly poured Carlsberg beers we enjoyed in beautiful weather. The brewery tour was very informative and had a fair amount of information that we couldn't cram into the short time that we had, since we had to get back for the Velocities Bike Parade.
At the parade, we met up with Peter Furth, who I will see again when we are in Delft, but we caught up with him and had a nice talk throughout the parade and enjoyed the sites of Copenhagen as we rolled slowly through the streets. Even with corked intersections, there were a lot of delays. Some of the largest delays appeared to be where we conflicted with other bike flows on the street. We were in the street more often than not and when we would turn right, we'd have to cross the cycle track traffic. Streetsfilms was along for the ride, so I defintitely will try to link back to the story they put out that pieces the amazing elements of the conference to this part of the event.

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