Sunday, November 30, 2008

Christmas Music

'Tis the Season, it's that time of year for Christmas music. is a great new find that is essentially internet radio without commercials. Pandora combined with the local radio station blasting out Christmas music is likely to lead to Christmas Music overload for us. I have hit the wall on a couple of occassions, so I recognize the need to pace myself with how much I am listening. Too much of a good thing, is seldom good.

The reason I like Christmas music is that there is such a diversity within a consistent theme. It's mostly good artists of all vintage with an occasionally bad song that makes me think about that era (if I remember it). It's about celebrating a holiday for the most part, something that I am not particularly good at, (the whole taking time off bit is still somewhat foreign because of my Dad) yet I recognize the interest in improving.

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