Friday, November 14, 2008

Reflecting on Day 1 with the kiddos

What a great day! Dropping Susan off at PDX, Mia and I drove back to the house and got on the bakfietsen. We went to the library and then to the Columbia store to return a jacket. We picked up Abby and toured through the Llewellyn Holiday Bazaar. Lots of great stuff, but handmade stuff is a little pricey (not that I would buy anything anyway). It would have been nice to support Abby's teacher's dress making company, but $45 is a little bit of a stretch for a dress. Would it get her special attention in the classroom?

We played a bit in the playground, a little tag and lots of running around. We headed back home and I took the kids to Sweetpeas (a resale shop) and was trying to find Abby a coat to replace the $45 I took back from Columbia. Not really anything that fit, but we did get some shoes and a little outfit. Mary Kate got something from a second hand shop it turns out, so we're probably set without having to buy new. Good stuff.

It was great fun to ride on the bakfietsen with the kids. Later on that night it was tough to get Amelia to settle down, she was not ready to get up at 5:40 PM, after a two hour nap and well, that's the day. Natalie came over for dinner and we had leftovers and then some pomegranite for dessert. We read a book from the library and off to bed they went.

I am relieved to be blogging as opposed to working on the Boise proposal like I have for the past week. Every night, so maybe that's why I am still up after 11 PM!

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