Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sunday with the Koonces

This whole being a single parent thing is a piece of cake.... If you have grandparents like ours. I haven't been alone with the kids for more than three hours since Saturday. Chris and I actually talked about it a little and it was funny because she felt guilty that they aren't around this month for when I am out of town.  
The girls and I went to church with my family at the First Immanuel Lutheran Church. It was a nice service, although the sermon was a bit of a pitch to give money and one of threadings was describing how flesh would be turned into feces, so I thought that a bit extreme. I consider myself a fan of the more subtle side.
Well, tomorrow will be a fun test of what Susan goes through in the morning with Abby. My hope is to get her to school a little before 8 so she can play before she has to get in to class, but we'll see.  
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