Friday, November 14, 2008

Susan has left the mainland

Well, the time has come! Earlier this year, when Sheila was going for a round of treatments I had the idea that the Kishpaugh women should head for some place warm to celebrate... well, themselves! Obviously, there's a part of me that wished I did this with my Mom before it was too late. It is funny how I can make that happen for her and not for myself (with Dad).

So, they're off. Actually, Susan is on the phone right now and they just arrived on Maui after about ten hours of total flying time. Luckily, she gained an hour. Their hotel is 28 miles from the airport and they haven't eaten (airplane food in coach), so they will likely have a short first night there.

For me, I have the kids for 10 days. It's actually not something I am worried about. I thought I might be, there was some worry about work, but now that it is started I am confident and feeling good about things. It doesn't hurt that Grandma Chris is very willing to help out and they are going to take Abby tomorrow while I go to the Beaver game in Corvallis with Kurt.

I am looking forward to pictures from Susan's trip, I am hopeful they have a great time.

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