Sunday, March 7, 2010

Current Reading: Geography of Bliss

In this case, it is listening (as opposed to reading) becuase I got the audio book from the library, but I am enjoying the Geography of Bliss which is a book I started in November. I hadn't got through it when I had it back then, but on this second try I am listening to it. The author reviews countries/places as diverse as the Netherlands (happy because f , Switzerland, Qatar, Moldova, Bhutan, and others.

The chapter on Moldova is interesting. The country of Moldova is a post-Soviet era republic that suffers from a lack of trust. He highlights the issues of corruption and freedom (and how if you don't have any community, what would you do with freedom). He ends with a statement worth repeating: "Hope is the sheet anchor of every man. When Hope is destroyed, great grief follows, which is equal to death."

Chapter 7 is Thailand: Happiness is not thinking.

One of the problems with audio books is the inability to make notes, perhaps the blog is a way to do this.
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