Saturday, March 13, 2010

Wife breaks arm, Husband breaks wallet

I saw a bumper sticker the other day that said: Republican Health Plan: Don't Get Sick! As Obama tries to get health care reform through the rigors of the political structure, we have our own first hand experience with the health care system. Susan broke her elbow and had to have surgery. if you think health care costs are too high, I have proof. We just got the bill from the hospital (this doesn't include the Dr. bill)... For a surgery that required six hours of time in the facility, we ended up with $17,348 in costs. She got four pins in her arm and will be recovering for the next 8 weeks. That doesn't include the Dr. invoice, which I am sure will be over $2,000. This also doesn't include the follow ups and the pre-surgery stuff.

So, imagine if you didn't have healthcare. I guess the Oregon Health Plan would help, but think about others...
Why does it cost so much?

In listening to the Geography of Bliss, one of the things the authors says makes Icelanders so happy is that they don't have a fear of failure because the social network is so strong. I wish we had a bit of that here in the U.S. This sort of bill makes me want to lock of my children and never let them have the remote chance of breaking a bone. Luckily we have good health care, but we're still going to pay a good chunk of change in our deductible.

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