Monday, March 29, 2010

Stub Stewart State Park

Transitioning into the City of Portland job, I haven't fully learned to take advantage of the kids time off from school. We need to do a better job of planning our time off, we repsond well to activities that take us out of our element, but not events like Spring Break. With a little foresight awhile back, I organized a cabin for us to salvage the last weekend of Spring Break and get out of the house.
I was inspired by friends that have cabins (we don't!) and in going to a cabin, having the ability to go somewhere new and quickly to leave behind some of the creature comforts we're accustomed to. A yurt isn't exactly roughing it, but in March it is a nice alternative. It also put as closer to nature for the weekend and gave us access to trails and the highlight of the day.... a Salamander pond.
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