Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus!

One of our favorite children's stories was made into a play by the Northwest Children's Theater. We bought the tickets for the play at the Portland to Clackamas MAX light rail line grand opening when the piegon was performing on a bus that they rolled into Pioneer Square for the celebration. The tickets were special deals, so it was a nice benefit of going to the celebration.

Abigail had gone to Go Dog Go at NWCT before with Grandma and Grandpa, but this was our first time. The venue is the Northwest Community Center on NW 18th & Everett. I was impressed how they were able to expand a 24-page childrens book with very little text to a 60-minute musical. We liked how they took each page and made it into a song, took liberties with the story to expand it to create new lines and stretch it to fit the format. They also had a really neat interactive portion that included drawing the piegon, which the kids really enjoyed.

The Pigeon was really well done and he was great interacting with the crowd at one point sitting in the audience and asking people if he could drive the bus, pleading with them to let him.
After the play, the cast and crew came out to sign the programs and meet the audience. Our kids really liked this and wanted to get signatures of the cast. Abby got caught by someone making a film on behalf of the NWCT, perhaps a youtube sensation in the making.
Abby was really interested in the elaborate costumes the supporting actresses wore. They had plastic easter eggs on their head dresses which were pretty cool.
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