Monday, April 19, 2010

David & Ann's Wedding

We were fortunate to be invited to our friends' wedding in Atlanta, and tickled to learn that the flower girls would be Amelia and Abby. The girls are pretty cute and I think that we could start a little business renting them out for weddings, but that's just a natural entreprenuer kidding and I am just a little biased.
We were a little late getting to the photo opportunity before the wedding, so the girls didn't get to explore the facilities in advance of the ceremony. After the ceremony, which was nice and brief, they went to play out near the lake while Susan and I enjoyed the company of friends (old and new). Susan was watching the kids and then came in for a little refreshment and I remember her saying, okay your turn to watch the girls. Of course, I thought.... oh they'll be fine. Well, sure enough Amelia ends up falling in the lake with her white flower girl's dress on and the worst part of course is the shock from hitting the slimy lake and having swallowed a bit of Georgia swampwater!
Luckily, she's a trooper and we got back in her other sparkly dress and she finished the night off without tights because those were a mess from the lake that smelled like a swamp.

Abby was brave enough to ask Alek to dance and he obliged, which made for some fun jokes at Alek and state of Georgia's expense.
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