Thursday, April 29, 2010

More photos from the MLK National Historic Site

The neighborhood Dr. King grew up in is preserved by the NPS. They have the house he grew up in saved for future generations, which is great. We didn't have the time to get out and visit as it was the wedding day and we had to drive out.
I would have enjoyed spending more time here as opposed to the Georgia Aquarium, but try convincing a six- and a four year old that history is cooler than huge animals. I did enjoy the GA Aquarium, but this was very meaningful to me.
I really enjoyed the mural outside of the main display area. I was impressed how they had combined a community center as a part of the overall facility. They had some really nice amenties that nearby residents could use. It seemed like a great way to acknowledge the impact of such an important leader everyday but using the facilities in his neighborhood.
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