Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Martin Luther King Jr. Final Resting Place

As a part of our visit to Atlanta, we got a chance to go see Dr. King's final resting place. The area is designated as a national park and the tribute to his life is nice. I thought there would be a little more to the facilities then what we saw, although we didn't have as much time as we would have liked to really take in the area. I am glad the kids got exposure to the area he grew up and the lessons of yesterday's society.
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goffer said...

King's time was not a very good time for America - difficult aspects of change - hopefully for the betterment of all. I lived through it - the brutalness of it all- riots, looting, physical harm to many, fire hoses, sit ins, marches, murder, hate, black vs white,terrible times - it seems all so long ago and the cause so faded out now -