Thursday, June 30, 2011

Amsterdam Trams

You can't spell Amsterdam without T R A M S. Okay, not exactly in the right order but you get my drift.
It seems you can't be anywhere in the central city without being a few blocks away from one of the white and blue rail cars. They are fairly ubiquitous throughout the first and second ring of canals. This was not a new thing for the girls although negotiating them with bags was something we don't do much in Portland! Our hotel is two blocks from a stop and that made it easy to get from the Centraal station where our overnight train dropped us off with just one transit connection to make. Luckily, we only brought one rollerbag per person and Abby could carry her bag. It was tough for Amelia who had a roller bag backpack, but couldn't quite manage to lift it over things much, especially when she was TIRED!
We did fine though, we just had to keep in mind to take it easy and luckily when you miss one tram in Amsterdam, the next one is bound to be on its heels in a minute or two.

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