Thursday, June 30, 2011

Vondelpark Highlights

We are staying near the Riksmuseum area of Amsterdam which gave us easy access to Vondel Park. It is one of those urban areas that makes you feel like you're in the 'burbs. There are carfree paths that are primarily for bikes (some high speed ones at that) and it was also an area where parents were teaching their kids to ride, so there were a few close calls. Walking in Amsterdam is an experience. One thing that Portland does extremely well is focus on the pedestrian experience... in Amsterdam, not so much.
The park was one such example. But this is a discussion for the "Transportation blog".

This play structure was a little daunting to me, but Abby didn't seem to mind. She scampered up the three (perhaps four?) story structure of ropes in the A frame and across the wire mesh tunnel to the slide portion. Amelia was a little slower, but still made it. It left me a little tense when Amelia felt like she couldn't make it but was being very stubborn and I had visions of a trip to the emergency in a foreign country. Yikes! All in all, a nice day to walk in the park to and a nice start to the stay in the Netherlands.
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