Thursday, June 23, 2011

Rosenborg Slot (Castle)

The previous post was a few pictures from the Botanical Gardens, which I may add text to later (if time allows).
The starting point for the second day was the Norreport Station which is slightly southwest of the Botanical Gardens and the King's Gardens which is home to the Rosenborg Slot. The grounds are the oldest public park in Copenhagen covering almost 30 acres. The grounds are a beautiful spread of lawn, well manicured bushes, trees, and flowers. It is particularly beautiful in the summer with most of the roses and flowers in bloom.
The history of the castle can be found here. The castle is guarded by two noble lions which the girls enjoyed. They frame the entrance to the magnificent structure which dates to the 1600s. The history of the Castle goes back to 1606-1607, when the King in a newly laid out park, “The King's Garden” (“Kongens Have”), had a “summerhouse” built. The original was a mere two stories, but was quickly added on to.

It is guarded with less ceremony than Amalienborg Plads (Square), which is where the Danish royal family takes residence when they are home. Rosenborg was used as a Royal residence until around 1710, when Christian IV's great grandson, Frederik IV, gave it up in favour of other, more up-to-date, summer residences. Rosenborg Castle instead became the setting for the Royal collections. That is the reason for the many well preserved interiors which are quite unique.
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