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Copenhagen: #12 Most Expensive City in the World

... and I believe it. There was a lot of grumbling about prices as we visited Copenhagen. The US $ was near 5.2 Krone which is as low as it has been since 2007 and lower than the nearly 6 that it was last year when I was in country. It makes an expensive city even less affordable. The McDonalds Cheeseburger index even seemed askew, with the cost of one of Mickey D's finest hovering just under $2 US. Come on Danes, haven't you heard of the $1 Value meal?

Perhaps more importantly was a 12 oz. beer at the local convenience store was 11.95 Kroner, which is $2.27. We're not talking microbrews now, it's Carlsberg, which is local but is clearly a microbrewed Pilsner. I am not one to say it wasn't tasty after a long day of walking through the streets of CPH, but it does make one pause when purchasing a tasty beverage. A latte at the local kiosk was $4.77.

What's more is that Danes love to drink. I am not just talking about alcohol either. Really, anything. For the wedding, we started out with a latte, a beer, champange, white wine, red wine, cognac, baileys and coffee, and sparkling water.

Bloomberg reports the following....
No. 12 Most Expensive City: Copenhagen

Quick lunch: $38.40 Beer at a bar: $8.95
Kilogram of rice: $5.90 Dozen eggs: $7.30
Movie theater ticket: $16.20 Transit ride: $2.67

Copenhagen, Denmark's capital and largest city, fell to No. 12, from No. 8, in ECA International's 2010 ranking. Denmark's economy, hit by a real estate slump and growing unemployment, contracted slightly in 2010 and in the first quarter of 2011 as public and private consumption fell and the country entered recession, reported Bloomberg News.

I added the transit ride category to the information that they provided there. I was going to add a Starbucks coffee, but there isn't a single one that I have found. Seems a bit surprising to me, but there aren't that many McDonalds or other fast food joints either, which is nice.

So, after my trip to Tokyo and Copenhagen, I can say I have experienced some of the most expensive big cities in the world.

Another article about this was found here.
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