Thursday, June 23, 2011

Danish Royal Guard on Foot Patrol

We went to the Kings Garden today and while the kids and Susan were visiting the Roseborg Castle, I was out the grounds surveying the scene. I visited the castle last year, so I wasn't inclined to use my weak US $ to visit it again.
The upside of being a cheap skate was catching the Royal Guard on their march from the barracks there near the castle to Amalienborg to the west. They leave the Gardens and march down Gothersgade right in the lane of traffic. It is an impressive display of traffic calming as they curise down the middle of the street. I am surprised that they don't take up the bicycle lane and fortunately for the folks in autos, there is room to bypass the parade of soldiers on the left as you can see from the second photo from this series. I like the combination of the Royal Guard, the blue bike paint, and the yielding traffic.

Any time you have a group of a dozen or so soldiers in black bear hats and major artillery on their shoulders, you end up with well behaved traffic, i.e. no honking, abrupt passing, or generate road rage. Just people in their cars, buses, and trucks moving orderly past the Royal Guard on a 5 km per hour pace with knees held high. It is an impressive display of coordination.
The Royal Guard is part of the detail at the Amalienborg palace. There main function is to protect the queen and the other members of the Danish Royal familyRead more:

More pictures of the changing of the guard can be found here.

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